The 100s of Uses for Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti)
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The 100s of Uses for Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti)

For thousands of years, mankind has used a natural clay substance called "Fuller's Earth" for a variety of uses. The name "Fuller's Earth" (Multani Mitti ) comes from the fact that this grease & oil-absorbant clay was first used as a cleaning and degreasing aid for cleaning sheared raw fleece. Its degreasing and oil-absorbing properties make it used for containing and absorption of minor oil/petroleum spills on floors and ultimately, as a beauty and complexion aid.

The process and occupation of soaking wool and fleece in cleaning vats to remove oils and greases and associated disagreeable odors was called fulling, which logically led to calling the soft silty clay used in this soaking and cleaning process as "Fuller's Earth."

Fuller's Earth, Pharmacy and Cosmetics/Beauty Aids

There are pharmacological uses for Fuller's Earth too as an antidote to a number of poisons. With the ability to absorb alkaloids, Fuller's Earth has historically been used as a remedy for toxins ingested, and as a poultice for bleeding wounds, burns and blisters.

The list of uses for Fuller's Earth is exhaustive! Apart from the pharmaceutical uses, the large-pore structure of activated Fuller's Earth makes it a superior cleaning agent capable of absorbing and discoloring stains of greases, oils, waxes and blood. As such, is often found in laundry detergents and degreasing agents for treating greasy clothing.

Fuller's Earth is much used in the petroleum and chemical industries for its properties of filtering contaminants from oils. Industry  benefits from dry-out properties of Fuller's Earth filtration to reduce acidity, discoloration and reduce insulative oxidation sludge build-up in oil-cooled electrical transformers used in power generation and delivery systems (telephone line transformers, power station/sub-station systems, etc.) Fuller's Earth is even used in some commercial cat litter preparations for odor and fecal absorption! Non-toxic and highly absorbent Fuller's Earth is once of the most useful natural substances known to mankind.

But notably for most people, it is the use of Fuller's Earth in cosmetics such as facial mudpacks that are most known and appreciated.

Fuller's Earth MudPacks

Commercial preparations of Fuller's Earth as a facial 'mudpack' are well documented for its gentle ability to deeply clean pores and draw-out oils and sebaceous fats below the skin. Applied wet as a mudpack and allowed to dry, it is rinsed away leaving your face toned, clean and clear. It is alleged that Fuller's Earth facial products can lighten 'dark spots' with regular usage. The oil-absorbing action as |Fuller's Earth dries leaves he skin smooth and wrinkle-reduced. It has become a popular agent in hair shampoos too for the removal of oils, leaving your scalp oil-free and hair shiny and clean.

The soft and creamy nature of Fuller's Earth masque lends itself well to the cosmetics industry, and is often used as whole-body mudpacks for total body beautification, and even used in advertising to present visual interest. -If you have even seen models posing nude or nearly nude covered in a a glistening earth-colored clay masque, that is Fuller's Earth.

Fuller's Earth clay has seemingly endless uses and is truly an all-natural gift from mother Earth.

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Very educational for me. Well done on this!

Thanks for sharing the uses of multani mitti.

A very interesting and informative article, Stickman.

Never heard of this stuff.  Very informative article.

fuller's earth can be used as an toothpaste ingredient?