Seven Winter Lip Care Tips
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Seven Winter Lip Care Tips

Maintaining mositure in your lips can be difficult during the dry winter months. Here's seven winter lip care tips that will help keep your lips moisturized and healthy.

When winter winds and dry air are stealing moisture from your lips, it's a battle to keep your lips moisturized. That's why it's important to keep your lips looking healthy especially during the dry winter months. This is easily accomplished with a few tips on winter lip care. Knowing a little bit about your lips and how to keep them hydrated will help you maintain a healthy appearance during the harsh winter months.

Let's start with a few facts about the skin on your lips. Even though your lips are part of your face, they do not contain oil glands like the rest of your facial skin does. This means that they lack natural moisture which is why they need to be moisturized many times throughout the day. The truth is, your lips need more care during the winter months than your face does. Secondly, experts agree that the skin on your lips is the most driest and thinnest tissue on your body. With those two facts in mind, let's look at the following five tips to keep your lips hydrated.

1.  Use Lip Products with Emollients

Certain hydrating ingredients are needed to help protect your lips from wintry winds and dry weather. These ingredients, called emollients are easy to find as they're in many lip balms. Emollients are nourishing to your lips because they help to replace oils in your skin. The more of these emollients in a lip balm product, the better it will be for your lips. Look for any plant oil such as jojoba, olive, coconut, or sunflower oil. Shea butter, aloe vera, beeswax Vitamin E, allantoin, glycerin, and petroleum jelly are also emollients that your lips will nourish your lips.

2.  Use Lip Products with Humectants

Humectants are another group of hydrating ingredients that will nourish your lips. Humectants absorb water from the air into your skin and will help to keep your lips hydrated. Humectants are oil free ingredients such as urea, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and propylene glycol. These ingredients are very important for your lips.

3.  Keep Away From Drying Agents

There are also certain ingredients to avoid when choosing a nourishing lip balm. You don't want to purchase any product that is going to dry your lips and may create problems such as chapped or inflamed lips. Say goodbye to products that have any type of alcohol, corn starch, or other drying agent.

4.  Lipstick Can Be Harmful To Your Lips

Did you know that most lipsticks contain drying agents? That's why lipstick tends to be constantly reapplied during the day. Check your lipstick and make sure it doesn't contain a drying agent. If it does, switch to a lip gloss or at least use a nourishing lip balm under your lipstick whenever you apply it. There are good tinted lip balms on the market that you can purchase to add moisture and color to your lips. Try one of them instead of using lipstick during the winter months.

5.  Exfoliate Your Lips

One of the best ways to help keep your lips healthy is to exfoliate them. Just as you exfoliate your facial skin in the shower, gently rub the same product over your lips. You can also use a soft toothbrush topped with an exfoliant to remove the dry skin on your lips. Exfoliating your lips once or twice a week will get rid of unwanted dry skin and promote healthier skin to grow. It will keep your lips looking radiant and supple. Products containing papaya are excellent for exfoliating. Papaya contains natural exfoliating enzymes to help get rid of dry skin and to soften healthy tissue. After exfoliating your lips, be sure to finish with a nourishing lip balm.

6.  Keep Lips Moisturized At Night

Moisturize your lips before going to bed at night by using a lip balm. At nighttime, outside temperatures drop and indoor temperatures rise which creates hot dry air in your home. While you're sleeping, your lips are affected by this and need to be moisturized. By using a quality nourishing lip balm before going to bed, your lips will be moisturized and it will help prevent cracking due to dry skin.

7.  Use A Humidifier

Because the air in your home is much drier during the winter months, your skin will dry out more easily both indoors and outdoors. Consider using a humidifier in the bedroom at night to add moisture to the air and keep your lips as well as the rest of your skin supple and moist. If you work in an office during the day, there are small desk top humidifiers that will help your facial skin and your hands. Humidifiers area a great way to fight dryness and keep your lips and skin hydrated.

By using these simple tips for winter lip care, you'll help prevent cracked or inflammed lips. Keep in mind that some days are dryer than others and you may need to apply your lip balm more on those days than other days. That's okay. A good lip balm can only be beneficial to your lips so apply it whenever you need it.


Image Credit: taliesin/morgueFile


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Comments (8)

Excellent work

As someone who spends a great deal of time in brutally cold weather, I can advocate good old petroleum jelly above all else. Fast acting, very effective, and you'll have the softest lips of your life if you use it regularly.

Very well researched alternative to counter this condition. Just the right tips I need, Sandy.

Sandy, great timely advice!! Voted up!!

Avery well-written article, Sandy. I'm also with James R. Coffey on this one. I have spent a lot of time outdoors in sub-zero weather and nothing beats good, old-fashion petroleum jelly for lip protection. Have a safe and Happy New Year, Sandy.

Nice work Sandy!

good work sandy, I needed this. the skin around my sons lips becomes sort of red in dry conditions. I shall apply coconut oil. thanks for the advice. voted.

Very good tips. I noticed that lips also dry in the hot season. Thank you, Sandy.