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Lemon and Lemon Juice for Skin Care:Why is Lemon Good for the Skin?

Lemon is a good fruit for the health and skin care. It support optimal health and provide protection from many critical diseases. It’s a good fruit for the heart. It can protect from anti-inflammatory diseases. Also, it’s a good anti-cancer fruit. But lemon is also known for skin care benefits. It’s a perfect fruit for healthy skin. Explore the role of lemon and lemon juice for skin care.

Lemon is a very good fruit for the skin. Lemon is a part of skin care regime and ingredient of many skin care products. It’s a great fruit for cleansing the skin and removing skin blemishes. Mixture of lemon juice and honey is a very effective home remedy for treating skin blemishes. Lemon also helps in detoxification process of the body. Drinking lemon water helps the body to flush out toxins from the body. By detoxifying the body it rejuvenates the health of the skin cells. Both lemon and lemon juice play significant role in improving the overall skin health. Find out more about the lemon and lemon juice for skin care.

Why is lemon good for the skin? Lemon is a strong source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a skin friendly vitamin. It promotes collagen production and overall skin health. In addition, lemon is rich with anti-oxidant, anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Being an acidic fruit, lemon contains anti-septic properties as well. These medicinal properties along with Vitamin C help to promote skin health in many ways. Regular consumption of fruits rich in Vitamin C such as lemon can improve the skin health dramatically. Lemon juice and lemon are part of natural skin care and they can give real boos to the skin.

Lemon and Lemon Juice for Skin Care:

Here are some very specific skin health benefits of lemon and lemon juice.

•    Lemon and lemon juice can be good remedy to cure acne and pimples.

•    Applying lemon and lemon juice externally on the skin cleans the skin.

•    Lemon makes the skin soft and younger. It’s vital for collagen production.

•    Lemon and lemon juice is a very good remedy to get rid of dead skin cells.

•    Anti-oxidant properties of lemon protect skin cells from free radical damage and help to keep the skin healthy.

•    Lemon and lemon juice both are very ingredients for making the skin younger and they are a part of anti-aging therapy.

•    Rubbing lemon peel helps to remove the dark spots and dead skin cells.

•    Drinking lemon juice and lemon water helps to detoxify the body. Detoxification of the body helps in good skin health.

•    Lemon juice helps to prevent skin cancer.

•    Lemon has the ability to correct skin blemishes including age spots, wrinkles and sunburn. It is also a very good fruit for lightening the complexion of the skin.

In addition, lemon can prevent and cure skin infections. Lemon is an important ingredient of skin care regime. It’s a very good natural remedy for many skin problems and disorders. But lemon is acidic and contains astringent properties. So people with sensitive skin should use lemon carefully. Overall, lemon and lemon juice are great natural products for skin care.

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