How to Make Caffeine Lotion to Fight Cellulite
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How to Make Caffeine Lotion to Fight Cellulite

Caffeine has been proven to fight cellulite. This article explains how to make your own anti-cellulite caffeine lotion that works to eliminate toxins and fight cellulite.

Most women develop cellulite at some point in their lives, regardless of their degree of physical fitness or weight. Not only that, but exercise and diet can do very little to help. One thing that has been shown to help, however, is the caffeine normally found in coffee. This has even been demonstrated in a CBS news report entitled Caffeine is Latest Anti-Cellulite Weapon. You can make your own anti-cellulite caffeine lotion very easily at home, using ingredients that are readily available. If you make your own caffeine lotion you can expect to see results within two or three days. The lotion will improve the elasticity of your skin, decrease fluid retention, remove toxins from the body and improve circulation. You should notice a definite improvement in the areas of your body where you want to fight cellulite and your skin should become smoother.


• Eight ounces unscented body lotion

• 1/3 cup very finely ground coffee, with caffeine

• Essential oil of your choice

• Small mixing bowl

• Wire whisk

• Spoon

• Funnel

• Small jars with lids


  • Empty all of the unscented lotion into the mixing bowl. Add the coffee to the lotion and mix it vigorously with the wire whisk. Keep stirring until the coffee and the lotion are evenly mixed.
  • Add several drops of essential oil, if you choose to. You may want your lotion to have another fragrance in addition to the coffee aroma. Many people like the smell of mint or citrus with coffee. However, this is completely discretionary. If you decide to add essential oil, do so one drop at a time until your lotion has the amount of fragrance that you prefer.
  • Wash the jars in warm water with soap and rinse them in hot water. It is important to store perishable goods in clean containers in order to avoid bacteria contamination.
  • Pour the lotion into the jars, using the funnel. After you have filled them, replace the lids. Your caffeine lotion is finished and ready to use.
  • Treat cellulite by generously massaging the lotion into the affected area with a circular motion twice each day.


Because of the perishable nature of the coffee, it is best to store your anti-cellulite lotion in the refrigerator. If you prefer to use it warm, heat up a small amount in the microwave before using.


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Comments (3)

What a great idea, I hadn't heard of the benefits of caffeine on cellulite! I also love the thought of making your own lotion - a lot cheaper than buying one :D

very informative article. Voted up


Great idea in theory...not so much in practice. This makes more of a mask than a lotion. Even finely ground coffee still has some grit, not to mention the color the coffee adds to the lotion will rub off on clothing. Needless to say, I didn't use it a second time to know if it would in fact help with cellulite.