Facts, Review and Uses For Cetaphil Skin Products
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Facts, Review and Uses For Cetaphil Skin Products

Cetaphil skin products are perfect for different skin types including sensitive skin and dry skin. They products include moisturizing cream, lotion, soap and skin cleanser.

Cetaphil is marketed by Galderma Laboratories. Galderma first came in existence in 1981. Galderma believes in providing their customers with the best customer service possible. They believe in top notch quality for all of their products. Cetaphil products are found in grocery stores and pharmacies in the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Europe as well as several other countries. The slogan used for Cetaphil is "Every Age. Every Stage. Every Day."

Cetaphil has a variety of different skin care products that are used by many people with different skin types. There are many different products that are included in the Cetaphil skin products including soap, moisturizing cream, lotion and skin cleanser. Cetaphil is made for all skin types. This product works well for sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin and combination skin types.

Cetaphil is the number one choice brand recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians. It is non-comedogenic which can help in reducing the chance of blocking the pores and of getting pimples and acne. Cetaphil is also fragrance free which makes it a good cleanser for sensitive skin as well as all skin types. Their products are oil free. It gently removes all the dirt, oil and makeup.

Not only does Cetaphil work well for clearing up acne problems and cleaning off dirt, oils and makeup, it also works well on getting rid of lice. Cetaphil is proven to help get rid of lice and lice eggs. Lice is a parasite that feeds on humans. It is spread from one person to another by sharing combs, towels, hats and hair clips. Lice can even jump from one person to another when hugging one another.

You can get rid of lice and lice eggs by rubbing Cetaphil face cleanser into your hair thoroughly. After the Cetaphil face cleanser is rubbed in your hair even down to the scalp, cover your hair with saran wrap. Use a hair dryer and blow dry your hair over the saran wrap. Remove the saran wrap and use a lice comb to get out the dead lice and lice eggs. Cetaphil is an inexpensive way to get rid of lice and lice eggs.

The reviews on Cetaphil cleansers, soap, lotion and moisturizers are positive comments. One comment was made by a parent of a little baby who said that her baby has had very dry skin since he was born. They have tried everything and nothing worked until they tried using Cetaphil. Another comment was made by an adult who used to have problems with her skin as a teen. She used to break out with rashes whenever she used different types of soaps until she started using Cetaphil soap. She quit using it when she was an adult and started breaking out in hives even if she used a soap for sensitive skin until she started using Cetaphil again. There have been all positive reviews on various different Cetaphil products including lotions, moisturizing creams and soap. The fragrance free products have been a plus for users of Cetaphil.

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