Drinking Water to Improve Your Complexion
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Drinking Water to Improve Your Complexion


Many believe it is a myth. If you drink a lot of water everyday your complexion will be clearer. Yet hydration is the key to healthy skin. I recommend you conduct an experiment. Two to three weeks is what you will need. After all it is such a short period of time in order to look younger and healthier at a reasonable cost.

Did you know the face is the determining factor when it comes to how old we look? For most of us the skin on the face ages faster than other parts of the body. The face is exposed to the elements setting up what is called the timeline features. Those lines which makeup our expressions are like the hands on a watch.

Have you ever wondered why the soothsayers in the carnival hardly ever lose when proclaiming they can guess your age within five years? It is because they are trained to read the timelines on the face.

Perhaps you think this fix (Drinking Water) is too simple. After all why doesn’t the cosmetic industry or dermatologist give advice about how to properly hydrate the skin by just drinking more water? They probably prefer to sell or proscribe various applications like expensive creams and cleansing soaps. Profit on the one hand is a strong motivator especially if the improved results are demonstrable.

There is always a hesitation to point a figure. Yet besides these expensive concoctions there is another bone to pick with the cosmetic industry because the industry is perhaps culpable and at the root of many a one night-stand!

So often when a guy meets a beautiful woman and courts her for days, for weeks or months depending on her skills she can be very astute with enhancing her looks with beauty products. Men fall in love with the cosmetic version of the woman they are dating. Then when the relationship becomes intimate sooner or later the makeup has to come off. I pity the man who shows his shallowness and begins to lose interest because the woman behind the makeup is totally different than what essentially is the natural appearance.

Ladies don’t get upset. This article is for men too. At least women are able to put on the mask and take it off. In the case of men the looks are not there in the first place or the natural appearance overtime gets neglected. The skin is living, growing and rejuvenating and most vibrant when we are young. It may take longer but none the less women can feels shortchanged or trapped in the relationship when men fail to take care of their looks too.

Long have women understood the benefits of a good moisturizer. So how does hydration help? When the skin is hydrated properly it is much easier to shave. Especially men with very coarse beards, do you really think most woman like or want our rough and rugged faces scraping against theirs.

Why do you think children prefer to be hugged and cuddled by mom and push daddy’s face away? Rough skin is naturally repulsive. Along with the roughness generally comes blotchy, scaly and ashy.

So how can woman feel more confident to tone down the makeup and guys reduce skin irritation in order to shave more often? The answer is a basic improvement in appearance essentially where both sexes can develop and take advantage of natural facial grooming, simply by drinking lots of water. What harm can it do?

Yes at first you might find yourself going more often. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course the increase intake of water is going to affect each of us differently. Like everything else the body has a way of adjusting. At first it may feel like your flushing your system and essentially you are. In the long run your organs, (The skin is an organ too.), bones and cardiovascular system are going to thank you.

Here is the proposal but first lets hope you are not an alcoholic, a coffee or cigarette addict. If for some unfortunate reason you fall into one or all off these categories it would be highly recommended to seek treatment to solve those ills first. However in the event you believe in moderation as a credo than the suggestion is drink a minimum of 72 ounces a water per day. If you say you already drink this amount of water and your complexion is still unhealthy. Then perhaps seeking professional medical advice would not be such a bad idea. But for the majority, if you increase your water intake to a minimum of 72 ounces per day; after two to three weeks if you stick to it you are going to see a consistent improvement in your complexion.

For those of you who are not big on drinking water and are wondering how you can manage this program, it is easy. Think of it as, taking your medicine. It is prescribed three times a day. Drink 24 ounces when you get up or take it with your morning meal. Drinking another 24 ounces in the middle of the day or with lunch and finally drink another 24 ounces with your evening meal or before you go to bed. Remember this is the minimum amount.

Also, purchase a water purifier like a Britta. Don’t get pulled into these e-water machines or the need to buy cases of bottle water. They are expensive ways to go. Not saying they are bad. Just saying it’s not necessary for what is being proposed here. Plus our landfills have enough plastic in them.

Investing in a purifier can be as inexpensive as $8.00. They last about a year. Improving ones complexion and increasing ones confidence, you could not make a more reasonable investment and get a better return.

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mb ravikumar

keep om send health tips to my mail id ,

Nice one

Deepak: Thanks for the comment. Your encouragement is very much appreciated :o)!


The tips here are really helpful. Way to go.!