Bigelow Chemist v Baby Quasar
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Bigelow Chemist v Baby Quasar

In this report

Today there are many skincare products on the market. When one has an issue with acne, one can often choose from a variety of products. These skincare products can range from creams, lotions, cleansers, and even some products that a dermatologist may use. There are many households that have the Internet. The Internet makes it easier for one to choose a product for his or her skincare. There are many companies that have an online presence; but these companies might not be in one’s local area. One can still have access to these companies and their products by use of the Internet. In this report Baby Quasar and Bigelow Chemists will be compared side by side.

#1 - Baby Quasar

Baby Quasar is a company that offers many types of skin care treatments. The treatments range from skin care lotions and ointments to in home laser treatments for acne. There are many types of products to choose from. There are laser treatments available for both anti-aging, and acne. There are many pros and cons to choosing Baby Quasar for one’s acne treatments.


  •             Treatments are non-invasive
  •             Require little downtime and recovery
  •             Variety of products to include:
  •                         Acne
  •                         Anti-aging
  •                         Skin Care


The cost of the in home laser treatments can still be costly. The laser might be a bit much for some customers.

#2 - Bigelow Chemists

Bigelow Chemists is a skincare company that has a large selection of products to choose. The company has products available in a variety of topics to include: skincare, beauty, and hair. The company has products available just for men. These products are formulated to work with a man’s PH levels, and the scents are manly. There are many advantages to choosing products from Bigelow Chemists:


  •             Cost efficient
  •             Requires little effort
  •             Variety of products to include:
  •                         Acne
  •                         Man’s line
  •                         Hair


The prices can be more than three hundred for one product. However, the products are reasonably priced, and anyone on a budget should find the company useful.

The Bottom Line

Usually, when one wants to purchase skincare treatment one would not think of purchasing a laser for use of in home laser treatments on acne, and aging spots. This makes Baby Quasar seem a little un-orthodox concerning skincare. The line of products is just not there with Baby Quasar. When one is looking for over-the-counter acne treatment for his or her teenage son one would not find it at Baby Quasar; but one would find Bigelow Chemists to be useful. Men are often cautious when choosing skincare and skincare products. If a package says it is formulated just for men a teenage boy will most likely feel more confident using it.

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Informative share on skincare....thanks for posting this information