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Best Online Skincare Stores: H2O Plus Vs Beauty Collection Vs Lovely Skin

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Online Skincare Stores are catering to a wide range of cosmetic and beauty care products. These online stores have a host of product ranging from skin care products, hair care products, perfumes and aroma products, bath products, etc which are suitable for different type of requirements of their customers.

Customers however face some problems while purchasing products from online skincare stores. Firstly, inadequate information about the product, limits the ability of the customer to make a rational choice. Secondly, limited discount options and extra shipping costs often make these products as expensive as retail purchases. Finally, there is no guarantee about the product quality and the customer is often left helpless after the purchase.

However, what differentiates these three online stores from the rest of the competition is superior quality of products which has helped them garner a strong brand reputation over the past few years. Unique discount options and better packaging and shipping options, make most of the products sold on these store more cost sensitive. Also these stores provide a wide range of product options, no limited to skin care or beauty products.

#1 - is an online store which sells superior quality of skincare and beauty products. This site offers a wide range of options for skin conditions like eczema, acne and wrinkles along with providing specific products for different skin types. In addition, this website provides a host of hair care products and fragrances. is well designed and has easy navigation tools which allow the customers to select products based on their requirements. The site is designed to allow search based on skin conditions, product type, skin type, brand name, etc; however, it doesn’t have any specific search feature for ‘natural’ products.

The site allows customers to review and rate various products and also provides a short summary of reviews. This helps its customers to make an informed decision. A monthly newsletter is designed to provide information to customers about the latest dermatological findings across the globe. has a unique email consultation and free telephone consultation features for any queries regarding products or skin conditions.  

Special discounts along with free samples of different products are available for all purchases. has free domestic shipping options with faster shipping options at nominal prices. Price matching option at, allows customers to purchases products at prices lower than those of an authorized vendors.

#2 - Beauty Collection

Beauty Collection sells a host of body and bath products, make up products, dental products, skin care products, gift sets, fragrances, etc for both men and women. In addition the site sells a home decors, pet care products and tools and accessories.

Unique feature about Beauty Collection is that its deals are divided into three categories namely deals under $10, Deals between $10 and $20 and deals above $20, to suit every pocket. Further, the website provides a three issue free subscription to a beauty magazine for all their registered customers. For all single purchases made above $150 Beauty Collection provides a free blow dryer or a flat iron. Free Shipping options for orders above $40 are also available. In addition, the website has different collections like father’s day collection, college girl collection, hair loss collection, anti aging collection, etc.

Unfortunately, Beauty Collection doesn’t have any features like free consultations or free samples. However the quality commitment of the website has made it one of the leading brands of online stores.

#3 - H20 Plus

H2O Plus is an online store for natural skin care products that are prepared from sea water and other components of the ocean. The products of H2O Plus range from skincare products, bath and body products, shower products, moisturizers and hair care products. All these products are 100% natural and made from the ingredients of the sea, which are rich in minerals and antioxidants.

Unique feature about H2O Plus products is that they are primarily water based, unlike other skin care products which are oil based. Customers boast about the quality and efficacy of these products and sales of products are frequent.

For natural products, H2O Plus has very reasonable prices. Most products are priced between $4 to $20. Further the web store provides several deals and promotional sales happen each month. Unfortunately this online store has limited options.

The Bottom Line is ideally useful for customers who are looking at purchasing beauty products with associated skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. If you are concerned about which product suites your requirement, you could use the email consultation or telephonic consultation option to confirm your requirements and details about the product. can cater to specific requirements of your skin.

Beauty Collection is ideal for customers who shop with a budget in mind. The site offers different options and discounts for purchases below $10 and purchases above $150. Also if you plan to give someone a gift for a specific occasion (like father’s day) or for a specific purpose (anti aging collection), Beauty Collection is a right place for you.

H2O Plus is for customers who believe in the superior benefits of nature. All products on this website are natural and prepared from the different components of the ocean. There are limited options, but be rest assured that all the products and 100% natural and available at an affordable price.

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