Basic Tips for Healthy Skin: A List of 10
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Basic Tips for Healthy Skin: A List of 10

If you want to look young and beautiful then you need a healthy skin. Health of the skin matters a lot and it decides how you are going to look. To keep your skin healthy and young, you must follow skin care regime seriously. Find out some of the very basic tips for healthy skin, try them & get benefited.

There are different skin care regimes and techniques for getting healthy skin. Depending on your skin type and the condition of your skin you need to adjust or change these techniques or regimes. Many of these skin care techniques are very effective if you follow them seriously. This article is not about complicated skin care regimens for getting flawless skin but it only describes a few basic tips to get healthy & glowing skin. Of course, these tips are not the ultimate ones for glowing skin but most trusted and natural ways of making your skin healthy. If you follow these tips then you’ll certainly feel the improvement in your skin sooner or later. Here are the basic tips for healthy skin.

Basic Tips for Healthy Skin:

Go Natural:

For getting the healthy and youthful skin you should use natural products as much as possible. Rely more on home remedies for skin rather on chemically rich cosmetic products. Some of the great natural skin enhancing ingredients are aloe vera, avocado, honey, dandelion, citrus fruits, essential oils etc. Always use fresh natural products on your skin. Natural ingredients are very important for healthy body and getting healthy skin. 

Water is the Key:

Water is an essential ingredient to make skin healthy and flawless. Drinking adequate water hydrates the body, moisturises the skin and gives it a healthy glow. Water is responsible for good digestion and flush out toxins from the body. Getting rid of toxins is important for getting healthy skin. Therefore, water plays a vital role in the natural skin care regime. In addition, water improves blood circulation, which is important for keeping the skin blemish free. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Don’t Eat What You Shouldn’t:

If you want a glowing skin then concentrate more on healthy diet. Don’t eat or avoid unhealthy fatty and packaged foods. Too much of junk food can make your skin dull and unhealthy. Excessive sugar and salt, too much caffeine, soda and refined carbs are extremely bad for the skin. Junk food can be responsible for various skin problems such as acne and pre-mature aging.

Eat What Your Skin Needs:

If you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables then your skin you will thank you for it! Certain vitamins and minerals are essential for health skin. So, eat more fresh vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables) to make your skin healthy and disease free. In addition, fresh fruits are also important for healthy skin. Like vegetables, fruits provide vital vitamins and minerals to the skin. Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet is a good way to improve skin health. Check out what are the best vegetables for the skin and best fruits for the skin.

Be Physically Active:

Exercise and physical activities is important for the skin. Regular exercise and physical activities improve blood circulation and that is helpful to keep the skin healthy. Good blood flow brings the glow on the skin. You must do 30 to 45 minutes of exercise daily and try to do at least any of them - walking/ aerobics/ cycling/ swimming.

Keep Your Stress Down:

It is impossible to live a stress free life.  But you can try to calm your mind and keep the stress down. Stress effects the body system and highly responsible for bad skin. Too much of stress leads to dull and unhealthy skin. Stress is so bad for the skin that chronic stress different skin disorders and diseases including psoriasis and eczema. Stress is a major cause for hair loss as well. So, try to keep your stress down to get a healthy skin.

Keep Your Skin Clean and Hydrated:

You need to clean your skin carefully to get rid of harmful germs and dirt. Wash your face with natural and mild ingredients instead of harsh chemical products. Do not use too hot or cold water on your face. Always wash your face with warm water. Wash your face properly every time you return from outdoor and before going to sleep.

Say ‘No’ to Alcohol, Smoking and Caffeine:

Alcohol, smoking and caffeine make your skin dull and unhealthy. Alcohol dehydrates the body and responsible for poor blood circulation. Alcohol also increases the chances of skin blemishes and diseases. Smoking can damage the skin. Smoking causes wrinkles, bad skin colour and sometimes skin cancer. Smoking is one of the worst things for the skin health. Caffeine has a bad an effect on the skin. It increases the skin blemishes such as acne and wrinkles. Too much of caffeine is extremely bad for the skin health.

Know Your Skin and Climate:

Your skin care regimen depends a lot on what type of skin you have and in what place do you live. Climate plays an important role on skin care regimen. The skin care tips and techniques are going to be different based on the climate you live in. There would be different skin care techniques for low humidity area then of high humidity area. Likewise, advance skin care techniques depend on the type of the skin you possess. So, it is important know what type of skin you have i.e., dry, oily or combination skin. 

Sleep Well:

For healthy skin, you must get some sleep. Lack of sleep is responsible for lacklustre complexions, wrinkles, dark circles and overall dull skin. When you sleep your body helps to recover you from environmental and natural damage. At that time it repairs and rebuilds the cells. As a result you get a healthy, young and blemish free skin. So, a good sleep is a must for getting healthy skin.In ddition, always use a good sunprotection cream to protect your skin from UV rays and environmental  damages.

Those are the some basic but very important tips for healthy skin. If you follow these tips seriously, you can improve the condition of your skin quite significantly and easily.

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