Alternative Skin Whitening Treatments
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Alternative Skin Whitening Treatments

There are many different ways to whiten or lighten your skin, and many different reasons why you might want to do this. For example, you may have freckles or age spots, burns, scars or birthmarks, or some other skin condition that affects the pigmentation in patches, such as hypo-pigmentation, or hyper-pigmentation.

There are many different alternative treatments for whitening your skin, and if you are going to try to fix an uneven patch on your face or body, you should probably start by looking at the safest and most natural alternatives. 

Lemon Juice

Lemon or lime juice is well known to be effective in having a mild bleaching effect on the skin, and this is caused by the active ingredient, vitamin C. 

Vitamin C causes a depigmentation effect, which can lighten up dark or uneven patches on the skin, and smooth them out so they look more even. 

It causes the whole skin color to be made a barely noticeable shade whiter, although if you keep using it, the effect can be quite effective over time. 

I heard about a homemade skin whitening treatment invlolving lemon juice and turmeric, although I'm not sure if the turmeric has the same sort of qualities as vitamin C. 

There are other types of fruits which may also help, such as oranges or mangoes, and even potatoes and tomatoes have been suggested, although the evidence would point to lemon juice to being the most effective of the alternative skin whitening chemicals from the grocery store, or at least the food section. 

You have to be careful when looking for suggestions of alternative skin whitening tips, that you you don't look at something that is going to be dangerous, such as mixing up a powerful cocktail of bleaching chemicals in your bathtub. 

If you're going to try anything more powerful than lemon juice, you should do your research carefully, and also speak to your doctor or pharmacist.


Chemical Skin Whitening Treatments

When looking for a stronger solution to whitening your skin, you should seek skin whitening tips from your doctor to begin with, although there are only so many things that a doctor can prescribe. 

Creams containing hydroquinone can have side effects, such as thinning of the skin, and that's why a doctor would not recommend that you take a prescription strength cream for longer than a few weeks. 

You can find a natural source of hydroquinone in products containing arbutin, which is a natural product, based on a plant source. 

Look at the Wikipedia link I just put in to find out more about that, as if you have a serious patch of dark or discolored skin on your face or body, and can't get results from lemon juice, and can't get a doctor to prescribe you a medication strength cream, then a product containing arbutin is probably the best thing you can look for. 

You can get products like this in a pharmacy, but you can also find them for a good price online. It is important to do your research thoroughly before handing over your money to any particular company, and also to make sure that they aren't among the disreputable brands who have been found to put things like mercury in their creams. 

You don't want something that contains bleach with a little bit of arbutin, or some other destructive chemical that has harsh side effects. 

If you are going to find out how to whiten your skin in a safe and effective way, you should investigate the companies or dealers who sell the products very carefully. 

Somebody may be on eBay, selling a brand, but you aren't sure if it's good. You would have to do a search on the company name, along with keywords like scam, or problems, or side effects, and in this case, mercury, as that has been found in one or two brands of skin whitening products. 

You can do a Google search on "who is" along with the domain name of the site selling it, and that should you the age of the domain name, who owns it, and if the company has been around for years, without hundreds of negative reviews, then it must be a reasonably safe and established product with no bad side effects. 

For more reading, you might want to take a look at how to whiten skin naturally, which contains more of the same sorts of things I was saying here, or there are some other informative resources on this page that might be helpful. 

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